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Wow!…The baby is growing…..

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Is the thought that occurred to me while reading this story by Hitwise on the rising traffic by the meta search engines, the hot topic of the day. Of course, they would report rapid growth – as a baby usually grows in the first months of life!

The important factor is: “how much business are they producing for the sites they cover?” And even more importantly:”is it profitable business?” My guess is that at this stage it is by definition lowest price travel components with minimum or no margin for intermediaries and suppliers. The buyers are most likely the lowest price hunters, or in other words the least brand loyal customers. It will be interesting to see what growth figures are reported in a year from now. Stay tuned….

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Is Travelocity on to something?

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A full-page Travelocity ad in today’s Wall Street Journal caught my eye. It introduces what the online travel company calls
“The New Travelocity Guarantee”….that says everything you book will be right, or we’ll work with our travel partners to make it right. Right away.

A strong statement, especially in today’s totally price focused online travel marketplace with hardly any obvious difference in product offerings – mostly individual commodity type components. This approach with a focus on added value and the promise of quality service delivery seems to me a welcome departure from the norm. It is a step in the right direction of brand marketing that in general is lacking in travel. It will be interesting to see how the competition reacts.

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A new look at Integrated Marketing

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Here’s an interesting take on what is innovative integrated marketing applied in today’s multi-channel world of buying. What I consider especially relevant in a tourism destination marketing context is the following part:

Web sites should be ‘lifestyle’ destinations. With today’s increased Internet use, this is an effective strategy. A ‘lifestyle’ site focuses on providing appealing content beyond the traditional brand-related information. The key however is to develop a plan for ongoing maintenance, giving the consumers a good reason to come back and engage with the brand over time. More…

I have long wondered, why there are no true “lifestyle” websites with a built in travel element, after all interest in many destinations are stimulated by what can be considered non-travel elements, such as culture, food, fashion, music etc. Prime examples would be Italy and France. It will be interesting to see if any destinations or travel sites will take this approach.

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Power Of The Internet Makes Travel More Fun

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Nearly 64 million travelers — 30 percent of the U.S. adult population — used the Internet in the past year to get travel and destination information. Of that group, 44.6 million actually booked at least one travel service or product online in the past year.”The Internet has put consumers in control of their plans and they like it. They’re able to gather all the facts they need and compare prices and options to obtain what they feel are the best deals possible,” according to Dr. Suzanne Cook, senior vice president of research for the Travel Industry Association of America.It used to be that resort destinations dominated the local travel scene because they had the most money to market and advertise…more

This is all certainly true, but has it become radically easier to buy travel online?

Research also shows a sense of disappointment by many online travel buyers at the lack of true one-stop shopping functionality, especially on destination sites that are often visited first and from where the path to buying often becomes more cumbersome than fun.

Improved technology and integration of eCommerce in the mostly promotion oriented destination sites will be necessary to increase future conversion rates. This goes beyond mere linking out to all sorts of partner sites. It requires truly integrated reservations, booking and purchasing functionality on one destination site.

The level of fun for online travel shoppers should increase significantly once that becomes the reality – and the revenue stream for these often financially strapped organizations would make a welcome contribution to their limited marketing budgets….!

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Here’s to Moblogging!

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The immediacy of the web is truly amazing with theability to post to blogs from mobile phones aka Moblogging – of course also the risk is serious mistyping on my tiny Treo 650 keypad. But I’ll get the hang of it to bore some of you even more frequently…..!

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