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Vacation Package Sales Jump 40%

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This headline doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that online travelers will buy more packages online in large numbers. This increase is despite the fact that technology has not resulted in a significantly improved buying experience for these types of trips. They are by and large still static products rather than truly dynamic, customer created trips. Just wait until technology improves and these increases will be even more significant than today.

As profit margins are much higher for these types of products than the sale of indivdual components, the major online players are hard at work trying to improve their customer tools to make it happen.

Also, how will traditional tour operators and travel agents cope with these developments? It’s going to be interesting to see what develops. In Europe the old offline players sure have awakened and the pressure on the new online players is increasing as these companies exploit their brand awareness and long standing supplier relationships. Will the U.S. players be able to do the same – stay tuned?

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Global Brain

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It’s truly amazing what’s happening today in terms of customer interaction opportunities. Check out this latest report @ Trendwatching for how this trend manifests itself across industries including, of course, travel and tourism. The idea that companies can control the message any longer is as dead as a doornail. Next is the actual product or service that will be developed by and with the customer. Fascinating stuff and great opportunity for organizations that know how to embrace this trend.

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That’s how to make presentations interesting!

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This is presented in FilmLoop a cool new application letting you choose or publish your own photo streams that can also be used as a screensaver or sent to friends.

But FilmLoop is not the purpose of the post. Improving on the usual sleep inducing power points has been one of my aims. One who has mastered the art is Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO. Here’s a few shots of his MacWorld conference presentation earlier this year. What a change from the mind numbing endless bullet points with fonts too small to read past the first three rows and with too many presenters adding insult to injury by mostly reading their slide text to the audience, as if it was made up of illiterates!

Jobs, in contrast, shines with simplicity. A key word, figure or even symbol with a great graphic, that’s all he ever uses. His presentation is not a crutch but a support for exciting personal deliver.

Easy right, well apparently he spends hours rehearsing and going over every presentation, the result – brilliance and excitement.

For more interesting takes on this topic and excellent recommendation go to Presentation Zen

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