Typical of the confused media coverage

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This latest article in a trade media
Advertising Age – MediaWorks – Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS

is pretty much the standard fare for the confused coverage of the new media by the traditional media. This anecdotal quote of a Denver couple for not having heard of a podcast doesn’t mean anything. Here’s a more relevant part of the story:

Reaching influencers
Still, nascent technologies appear to be a key to reaching influencers.

In Keller Fay’s studies, for example, while 92% of brand conversations took place offline, nearly half involved some reference to media or marketing that people had seen or heard and were talking about. And the internet nearly tied TV as a reference source.

“The reality is it’s a complicated process by which ideas are communicated to the market, and it’s becoming more complex,” Mr. Fay said. “All of these cutting-edge tools do have a significant and growing role to play, but they need to work in an integrated way with other tools.”

It’s important to remember the point of using these technologies isn’t necessarily to reach a mass market, said Mohan Renganathan, VP-associate director of digital strategy at MediaVest Digital. “It’s a very tactical element,” he said, “and the strategy might be either to try out this new technology or speak to a very specific slice of your overall target segment.”

This is what it’s all about – reaching influencers, who by definition are early adopters – it’s every marketers dream. Furthermore, let’s consider how long some of these new tools have been around – less than two years. Talk about rapid adoption looking for a parallel in history. There is none. Even if not all the new stuff survives it will again change consumer behavior and have an effect on marketing, doubters – as always – notwithstanding.

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