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I like this approach

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 “Designing emotions in online travel”

What’s more about emotion than travel, so it sounds only logical that this aspect is getting its due in the build of travel websites. Not having read the book I can’t comment on what it covers in detail but judging by the article they seem to be on the right track with this concept.

At a previous online travel start-up I was involved in this is exactly the approach we took in building the site. Unfortunately we were too early in a market that was – and in many respects still is – totally focused on price, price, price and user expectations that accordingly were focused on the booking aspect.

Today the landscape has changed and it is increasingly about the total vacation experience, in other words how it always was in the thought process of deciding on a vacation DREAM – LEARN – PLAN – GO

Successful websites today have to reflect that principle in their structure and design.

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Not the blogs I’d go to seek out and read…

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Business.view | Blogging bosses |

A bit off my main focus, but this article on Davos Man (Woman) embracing blogging just doesn’t seem to jive with me. Wouldn’t consider it must reading. Most of these CEOs would have their communications / PR hacks write it up anyway. What’s novel and new about that? It’s the old one-way model.

Many organizations are still struggling with the fact that their customers are increasingly calling the shots and control the conversation. Being hard wired with the need for power and control that’s brought them to their positions in the first place this is just anathema to them. Also, imagine the blood pressure level rising among the brigade of corporate lawyers at the thought that the CEO would air it all out in a blog.

Anyway, the only CEO blog letting it all hang out is this one!

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How novel an idea – but too early when we first had it!

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Travelocity to focus on the entire trip

I normally don’t use my blog to highlight my previous work experience, you can read it in the about page, but reading this article just reminded me about what we tried hard to accomplish six years ago at and failed to succeed at. It all seems to come together slowly but surely now and in the coming few years.

We now give it the label of Travel 2.0 but all it is, is focusing on what people really have wanted all along a site where you can DREAM – LEARN – PLAN  and GO which is the logical process everyone goes through prior to a leisure trip.

We didn’t succeed at the time for a number of reasons, but the key one was that visitors to the site couldn’t grasp the concept that an online travel site didn’t want to sell them an airline ticket from A to B but offer the opportunity to research a trip, collect information, keep it in a folder and return to it later on and then decide to book. Instead they bailed from the home page.

Too bad we couldn’t pull it off, but I’m glad the new reality validates our vision.

By the way, this is one more reason why I remain convinced that DMO should focus on this much more as with this shift in customer behavior they’ll become even more relevant as the first "go to guys". Why not capitalize on it!

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Here’s another no brainer

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Seth’s Blog: Two kinds of people in the world…

Very simple, but so often overlooked by marketers, including destinations. Decide who you want to attract and then don’t worry about the “complainers”. I’m talking from experience with what used to be, and probably still is, called an “expensive destination” – Switzerland. People, especially travel agents, used to be shocked when I told them that the country wasn’t for everyone and that it couldn’t possibly compete mainly on price.

Why are there BMW’s and Chevys or Honda Civics or Toyota Camrys? If all you want is reliable transport you’re not going to buy the Bimmer. Same with destinations.

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The latest edition of the

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MarketingSherpa : Marketing Wisdom Report

the free report with quotes from marketers about what worked best for them in various categories is here. Who knows, you might find some strategies and tactics useful in your own marketing.

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To get the creative juices flowing, here’s

Posted on January 8, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized | December 2006 trend briefing

  • As always, these guys have a finger on the pulse on what’s likely to happen. Especially relevant is item two on transparency tyranny. Very much what we can see developing rapidly.
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Let’s start off the New Year….

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with this latest provocative but very sensible comment from Seth’s Blog: Electable vs. Marketable

As always, Godin provides innovative thought on what are actually quite obvious and basic marketing issues. This one is as valid in destination marketing as any other area. You’re not in the business to get elected. Think about it and follow this approach in your marketing.

Good luck and success in 2007!


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