Bloggers beware…..!

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There are some new sheriffs in town and they’re coming after you if you’re nasty, mean and rude…..
This one comes from the Fake Steve Jobs blog. And does that man have a sharp tongue and sense of humor, oh my!


You’ve probably read about the widely commented effort by these two high profile chaps – Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia fame and Tim O’Reilly who coined the term Web 2.0 – to introduce a code of behavior for bloggers.
I certainly agree that comments on blogs should not be anonymous or of a nature that is offensive, or worse threatening. Having said that, I doubt a global standard can be enforced. What some people find offensive others might find not exactly above board but maybe acceptable. It has always puzzled me why a large number of commentators on the web seem to think they can get away with moronic, ill-mannered or just plain stupid behavior that they most likely wouldn’t exhibit in person. I guess online you not only can be a dog but also an idiot. They’ll probably always will be among us, sadly.

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One Response to “Bloggers beware…..!”

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i agree, policing the comments of blogs is next to impossible and why would you do it in the first place? if, as a blogger, you only want a certain class of commenter, then make it so people have to create an account prior to commenting. not that this will stop idiots but if the sign-up is long enough it will be something of a deterrent.

i will disagree about using “anonymous” though. sometimes i just want to leave a quick message without my name and “anonymous” is a good way to do that. otherwise i’ll use a name that’s not my own. like on this comment. there’s really no way to police that.

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