Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS)

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is the formula by Sramana Mitra for what’s coming next on the web, which he describes on his blog. I find his analysis very stimulating and right on target, especially the comments at the end where he imagines future scenarios that will make the web experience much more compelling.

He has since posted a general overview of online travel and very detailed specific reviews on Yahoo! Travel, Trip Advisor, Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia based on what he terms the web 3.0 framework. These present an excellent analysis by a travel outsider and give some very specific advice of what it takes for these major players to improve the way they present themselves to their potential customers.

This set of posts presents a snapshot of the online travel industry at this time and clearly reveals the many gaps that still exist in making the online research, planning and buying experience truly enjoyable, effective, simple and comprehensive. Too much information is still presented in a non-personalized fashion and with less than ideal context.

We haven’t even touched on the subject of how anyone would use today’s sites for a self-designed, multi-destination, multiple transportation two week vacation across Europe, Asia or Latin America, or the mashup of destination website content with that of the online travel agencies covered here.

The reality is that most player haven’t even embraced web 2.0 tools, not to speak of what Mitra describes as web 3.0

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