The Internet as a trip starting point

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eMarketer reports with the comment that as the product becomes more complex the picture changes and people refer to travel agents for advice.

Now, this is not surprising in view of the fact that the web 2.0 tools that make the whole integrated research, planning and buying experience somewhat more attractive are just now coming on stream. Personally, I doubt they will significantly improve this for what’s called complex travel or multi-destination trips with different modes of transport and local services all included, not on a pre-packaged basis, but self-selected by the user.

With all the talk of dynamic packaging, I’m still not aware of any site out there that easily allows that to happen on one site.

Most likely it will require the next generation of the internet, or web 3.0 and the reality of the semantic, or intelligent web to make this happen. More on that subject in a future post. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to “The Internet as a trip starting point”

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My son Tim and I started It is a travel package assembly system that is working towards (playing) the goal of “pick your own” things to do. It is only available in my hometown, in upstate NY. Right now.

The guests at my Inn ( find it useful. I Probably (with some help) should scale this thing.

Anybody out there want to help?

Well gotta go serve breakfast.

The Innkeeper


This is definately the case, especially for the older demographic. There used to be a time when a travel agent was like your insurance agent, family doctor, or dentist. For many of us who have come to depend on DIY services, the concept of using an agent is probably foreign and would only be considered as a last resort. Although dynamic packaging tools are improving, true packaging won’t be viable until there are enough standards based distribution systems to support the millions of products that exist and the suppliers agree to populate them. I look forward to that day.

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