Minding the Planet: Web 3.0 — No Humans Required???

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is the title of this post by Nova Spivack the CEO of Radar Networks, a technology company involved with what’s for the lack of a better term called web 3.0

It refers to an excellent article about Spivack and his company’s efforts in the July issue of Business 2.0 magazine that is now available online here.

The title of the post also shows you the pitfalls of dealing with the mainstream media, which gave the article a title that is totally misleading. Here’s what Spivack has to say about that:

There’s just ONE big comment I want to make. The article has the subtitle “Web 3.0: No Humans Required.” Actually, I would have to respectfully disagree with that statement.

In fact, Web 3.0 is all about humans — it leverages social networks, folksonomies, communities and social filtering AS WELL AS the Semantic Web, data mining, and artificial intelligence. The combination of the two is more powerful than either one on it’s own.

In any case, for those interested in learning about what is happening on the leading edge of web development, I highly recommend to read it. Fascinating new stuff coming down the pike…

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