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Hyatt goes social

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with yatt’it a new community site offering a number of interesting features such as tips by their local concierges that complement visitor comments. There is also integration with FlightStats for flight, airport and weather information. Their frequent guests can register with an existing Gold Passport ID, or users sign-up for one. This is an interesting way to create a database of potential new customers, in addition to a more active engagement with their existing loyal members. Overall a pretty good effort at joining the conversation.

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Global Road Warrior Essentials

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[go to slideshow]OK, this is off topic but, hey marketing is a wide ranging subject and this is very important information for you road warriors out there. On Style – covers that often vexing habit of the “Global Art of the Cheek Kiss”. Have fun and remember, it’s still “when in Rome…..”. Safe travels everyone!

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Take aways from SXSW

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the latest edition of Bulldog Solutions Marketing Watchdog Journal has a great section titled “SXSW 2008 What we learned” with impressions by their staff of this recent edition of the annual idea fest. Of particular interest is a session on “10 Easy Ways to Piss Off a Blogger” with these 10 tips that I’m sure will get wide coverage in the PR community, or so we hope!

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Web Technology Trends for 2008 and Beyond

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This is a great presentation of some of the key developments that have already arrived or are on the horizon. It’s clear that they will have an impact on the online travel industry, with search being one area in particular where innovation will happen based on what’s called the semantic, or intelligent web. Another area will be recommendation systems where things are moving ahead with improved results noticeable to users.

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12 Future Apps For Your iPhone

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Great post on ReadWriteWeb giving a glimpse of what’s to come in mobile applications. Here’s one related to travel:

5. Personalized Travel Guides
Travel is one of the most fun things we do in life and one of the most innovative businesses. People love tours and tour guides who tell them about the landmarks and history of new places. Now imagine having personalized tours of any location of the world available. With the touch of a button, information about your current location will appear in your hand. Even better, the tours will be custom tailored to you, since software will know your tastes and travel preferences.

Lot of very exciting stuff and, of course, 12 reasons for getting yourself an iPhone…..

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looks like a very useful tool, especially for the travel category where visuals are important. It should save a lot of clicking on text links only to find out that the hotel for instance isn’t really what you’re looking for.

The category listing is another interesting feature.

Could also be a great way to present travel meta-search results.

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Yahoo Search Casts Lots with Semantic Web Technology

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yahoo.jpgreports MarketingVOX. This is further proof of improved search becoming a reality in the not too distant future and here’s a quote relevant to travel

For example, instead of searching for hotels in Miami and having to sift through results that include hotels, travel vendors and hotel deals, one could query for Miami hotels that allow pets, are five minutes from the beach and cost no more than $150 per night.

It will be interesting to observe how the travel meta-search companies will react to the major searchers offering more relevant results.

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The world as you like it

looks like an interesting initiative. It’s a social networking site engaging visitors to the state and giving them the opportunity to post their experiences. With a sweepstakes, they are even given a tangible incentive to do so.

The site looks very attractive and user friendly with the by now ubiquitous rotating photo panel with great shots of the destination.

The main question, as with many other new sites is how to attract a large enough audience that participates actively to make is a truly useful resource for future visitors.

One other question I have, is why was the site not integrated into the Arizona Tourism site or at least mentioned prominently on its home page?

In any case, a welcome new effort by a DMO to innovate.

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Social Media Will Change Your Business

Posted on March 12, 2008. Filed under: Marketing, Web/Tech |

This lengthy article in Business Week

was first published in May 2005 and recently updated. It still is a great general description of blogging its effect on media consumption and business.

As for the difference between blogs and MSM – or main stream media – I like this quote from the the article

If this were a real blog, we probably would have posted our story pitch on Day One, before we did any reporting. In the blog world, a host of experts (including many of the same ones we called for this story) would weigh in, telling us what’s wrong, what we’re overlooking. In many ways, it’s a similar editorial process. But it takes place in the open. It’s a discussion.

Why draw this comparison? In a world chock-full of citizen publishers, we mainstream types control an ever-smaller chunk of human knowledge. Some of us will work to draw in more of what the bloggers know, vetting it, editing it, and packaging it into our closed productions. But here’s betting that we also forge ahead in the open world. The measure of success in that world is not a finished product. The winners will be those who host the very best conversations.

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Here’s part of the discussion at the ITB

Posted on March 10, 2008. Filed under: Travel |

Embedded Video

on the topic of journalists vs bloggers which covered a wide range
of opinions expressed by the panel.  Adding to my opinion recorded in
the video, I consider B2B travel blogs a valuable resource for leaders
working in the travel industry, one they should use to keep abreast of
what’s happening now and what will happen tomorrow on the web and how
this will affect their business. As I mentioned, the purpose of this
blog at least, is to add knowledge which, as Ram my fellow panelist
mentioned, is different from information.

B2B bloggers come from different backgrounds that influence their
opinions about travel and the issues the industry faces. This adds a
layer of personal interpretation to the basic information out there one
that creates value. Taken together these opinions and comments, can be
utilized by people in the industry, who are often very focused on their
immediate tasks and challenges facing their companies or organization. 

Bloggers mostly have personal business experience in different
sectors of the industry and that is another key difference between them
and more traditional trade journalists. So the issue is not one of “us
vs. them” but to combine the skill sets of both for an improved overall
result that adds to the overall quality of the world’s largest industry.

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