Social Media Will Change Your Business

Posted on March 12, 2008. Filed under: Marketing, Web/Tech |

This lengthy article in Business Week

was first published in May 2005 and recently updated. It still is a great general description of blogging its effect on media consumption and business.

As for the difference between blogs and MSM – or main stream media – I like this quote from the the article

If this were a real blog, we probably would have posted our story pitch on Day One, before we did any reporting. In the blog world, a host of experts (including many of the same ones we called for this story) would weigh in, telling us what’s wrong, what we’re overlooking. In many ways, it’s a similar editorial process. But it takes place in the open. It’s a discussion.

Why draw this comparison? In a world chock-full of citizen publishers, we mainstream types control an ever-smaller chunk of human knowledge. Some of us will work to draw in more of what the bloggers know, vetting it, editing it, and packaging it into our closed productions. But here’s betting that we also forge ahead in the open world. The measure of success in that world is not a finished product. The winners will be those who host the very best conversations.

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One Response to “Social Media Will Change Your Business”

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I believe that social media has already changes the way businesses are going about completing there daily tasks. Blogs are one of the most popular way of communication and it has been said that it helps in creating your own personal brand within the workplace. Usually, employers will go and read some of your blogs and they can get an idea as to what type of person you are and some of the views you might have about a particular topic.

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