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TripAdvisor’s 2008 Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels

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This is the list you definitely do not want to be on!

It’s a great – and for some scary! – example of the radical transparency businesses are facing today. There is no place to hide and anyone would be advised to manage their online brand reputation way before they end up on a list like this. I’m convinced that these establishments must have received negative feedback directly over a period of time that would have allowed them to improve the situation. More likely they just didn’t pay attention or care.

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Facebook fatigue?

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Facebook Falling Off? asks Marketing Pilgrim and shows us a neat graph to visualize what might be the answer to the question


and Kevin on Travolution asks if “the social networking boom is losing momentum

First off, I’m not blaming the messengers here for reporting about this and granted, the figures show some drop off in traffic but let’s remember, the first reports about the meteoric rise of Facebook outside the college crowd appeared less than about a year ago. For some of the other social networking sites it might be a bit longer, but by and large about one year. Then everyone was worried that without a Facebook application or even own social networking site their business would nosedive, now it’s “well, we don’t have to worry about all this social web thing after all”

This somehow reminds me of the much predicted total demise of travel agents when the web 1.0 wave hit the shore and then the recent opposite claim by Forrester about a travel agent resurgence.

I can’t help but think that we’re jumping on and off bandwagons far too quickly here and need to take a collective breath before embracing developments and proclaim them the latest and greatest thing on the web. It’s in the very nature of web developments that some are permanent and others short lived and that’s likely to continue to be the case in future.

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Online Buyers Seek Out User Reviews

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according to eMarketer which presents a collection of studies that proof this point. Although not dealing specifically with travel, I would venture the guess that similar numbers apply.

This is further proof of the importance buyers place on comments by buyers/users of a particular product or service and as I’ve commented previously, if those comments are made by someone close, like a relative or friend or member of a social network they will have an even higher impact on purchasing decisions.

Ignore the conversation about you in social media at your peril!

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